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René's exciting book

is setting captives free all over the nation and beyond!

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René McIntyre is the Apostolic founder and leader of Trumpet Of Truth Christian Ministries in Woodstock Ontario Canada.


She is the founder and overseer of The Refuge which is a special ops unit of dedicated volunteers that take their mobile care unit out into the field to tend their cities most vulnerable; the homeless and those suffering active addiction. 


She has founded and oversees Freedom Acres Farm which provides food security for her congregation in the event of an economic collapse and is a specialized operation designed for creating unity and community in these end days. 


René is the author of a very exciting book called FREEDOM WALKER: IT'S ALL IN THE BLOOD. In this book René lays out step by step manoeuvres that will liberate the body of Christ from the enemies grip of oppression. She challenges the reader to take responsibility and to get the pain, guilt and shame of the past under the blood once and for all and to crucify the flesh daily so they can move into personal and corporate assignment.

There is also a matching Revelation Journal for taking notes.


Pastor René is the radio show host of a weekly broadcast called THE BAREFOOT PREACHER on HOPE FM 94.3  It airs in Woodstock Ontario at 6pm every Thursday, and in London on FAITH FM 99.9 at 7pm every Thursday.

René travels and speaks at churches and conferences across the nation, equipping the saints for end time ministry. She carries keys to prevailing in the coming days. Keys she uses to unlock revelation, tactical strategy and the destinies of many.

René is a powerful prophetic preacher who delivers sermons that rattle the listener from their comfort zones, and encourages them to live radically healed and whole, in true victory, true prosperity, and true destiny!  

Her authentic, no holds barred approach is one of love without compromise and is impacting the lives of many.

She uses vulnerability, compassion and often laughter as a key to reach the hardest of hearts and the harshest of critics for Christ.

All of this is secondary to the joy she finds in being wife to Bradley, mother to two wonderful daughters and Nana to two beautiful granddaughters!


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