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My Testimony René McIntyre
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Victory Over ParanoiaRené McIntyre
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Drug Dealer Finds JesusRené McIntyre/Rob Montgomery
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Drug User and seller freed!René McIntyre/Rob Montgomery part 2
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Abortion PushBarefoot Preacher interviews David Cooke
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Euthanasia in CanadaBarefoot Preacher intervies David Cooke
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Saved From His WrathBarefoot Preacher
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Free from alcoholismBarefoot Preacher/Lynn O'Brien
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The Glory of GodBarefoot Preacher
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Welcome!  If you are looking to live in victory, you have come to the right place! 

René McIntyre is the founder and lead pastor of Trumpet Of Truth Christian Ministries in Woodstock Ontario Canada.  She has also founded a local mission called The Refuge which is a care centre for her cities most vulnerable; addicts and the homeless.  Pastor René is the host of a weekly radio show called


She has also founded a very effective freedom ministry called FREEDOM WALKERS which has conferences and personal sessions.  

René is a powerful prophetic preacher who delivers sermons that rattle the listener from their comfort zones, and encourages them to live radically healed and whole, in true victory, true prosperity, and true destiny!

Her authentic, no holds barred approach is one of love without compromise and is impacting the lives of many.

She uses vulnerability, compassion and often laughter as a key to reach the hardest of hearts and the harshest of critics for Christ.

René is wife to Brad McIntyre, she is the mother of two beautiful daughters and grandmother to two even more beautiful granddaughters!

It's Time To Reap A Harvest In Your Life!  Get Equipped For Transformation!



427 Dundas St 

Woodstock Ontario


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